Community of practice

One of the objectives of the MEDIAREJ project is the construction of a Community of Practices (CoP) that will remain alive well beyond the end of the project, in the spirit of periodic sharing between community holders.

create your personal profile

If you are interested in being part of the Community of Practice, we would like to ask you to write a short it

  • Who am I? A brief bio and something about me that will make me easy to be remembered
  • What I am looking for and would like to achieve through the MEDIAREJ platform (expectations, desires)?
  • How and where can I¬†¬†contribute with my experience to address Restorative Justice?

After you sing-up, an email will be sent to you. this email will contain the link to which you will create a password ( it is important to remember this ). after you create the password, head on to your profile, navigate to my account where you can customize your profile, change your avatar and cover photo. this is where you can answer the little questionnaire above in the about me section.


The CoP is structured as a forum divided into a section for self-presentations and sections where themes will be proposed by the community manager on a quarterly basis. If anyone wants to add a theme they can propose it to the community manager. The Community of Practice will naturally evolve based on the common interests of the members and aims to acquire and co-create knowledge related to restorative justice. It is through the process of sharing information and experiences that participants have the opportunity to learn from each other and to develop personally as well as professionally

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